Claire's portfolio

Hi, I’m Claire

I enjoy creating user-centric, delightful, and human experiences that do as little harm to the planet as possible.

My work

Web Performance RUM tool

The web performance RUM (Real user monitoring) tool is a tool used as a product as a service with our consulting services. It supports us with data on the web performance of our clients websites and enables us to make data driven decisions.

Goal: To consult clients on how to improve their web performance and improve their web sustainability.

Involvement: This project was in its initial phase of the design phase when I joined.

  • I was involved in producing the wireframes and turning them into the UI designs in Figma
  • Usability testing was conducted on Useberry
  • User interviews with clients and internal web performance consultants was collect for redesigns into dark mode
  • I was also involved in sales activities and building the business plan and sales strategy

Mental Health App

Freely was a mobile app that offers mental health support. The service offered a benefit from employers to employees as a preventative measure and could be used anywhere and anonymously.

Goal: Design a product that makes users feel comfortable to break the stigma around mental health and help them to improve their mental well-being in the workplace.

Involvement: This project was in the beginning phase of understanding market fit in both B2C and B2B.Discovery Phase.

  • Qualitative research: Conducting user interviews and creating personas
  • Design Sprint: Low-fi wireframes in Figma
  • Usability testing with protoype
  • Designing and building MVP in Wordpress with multiple third parties
  • Usability testing of MVP
  • Building Prototype 2.0 in Webflow

Fintech Web App

Finly was a factoring service provider that helps in settling outstanding claims on business customers. It no longer exists but can be found on crunchbase.

Goal: To automate the back office processes of checking credit ratings and scanning invoices.

Involvement: When I joined this project the service was already in its testing the MVP phase with real users. Automating the back office processes was started from scratch.

  • I was involved in building the new website for them on Wordpress with additional third parties
  • Conducted user interviews with customers to improve the existing tool
  • Conducted user interviews internally with the team to understand back office processes and understand where to automate/ process mapping
  • Procurement of parsing service: Klippa
  • Reduction of back office processing time from 45 minutes to 5 seconds
  • Close work with UX designer
  • Product Management of development team in Agile

Content Marketing

Flare provides free workplace solutions to Australian businesses that want to level up their workplace wellness and employee experience programs. They provide employee onboarding, benefits and wellness, and financial wellbeing solutions for the workplace.

Goal: To create material and content for’s growth marketing plan.

Involvement: I was employee 25 at Flare and was involved in the early stage growth marketing strategy and content creation.

  • Branding and building their company style guide
  • Graphic design of reports in Adobe InDesign, Sketch and use of Invision
  • Video edition in Permiere Pro
  • Event Management
  • Customer and user interviews to create case studies
  • Social Media Marketing

Design Thinking Workshop

Design thinking workshop for the entire business at our annual Netcentric (internal) Summit.

Goal: To design a design thinking workshop that could maintain the interest of 600 people from different business functions, from web developers to UX designers.

Involvement: I was on this project from start to finish, delivering the workshop design to the graphic design of the assets.

  • Designing the workshop like a board game to keep all participants entertained and having fun
  • Design of the board game in Adobe Illustrator
  • Design of the Game rules like a comic book in Adobe InDesign
  • Facilitation of the Workshop

Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering for the website.

Goal: To migrate the previous website to the Adobe Marketing Cloud with custom components.

Involvement: When I joined this project the new website was only a couple of months off going live.

  • Client meetings to collect requirements
  • Wireframing with Balsamiq to build custom components in Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Designing the screen reader UX of the main navigation for Accessibility
  • Product Managements of Dev team in agile
  • Defect Management

E-commerce returns user journey

Defining the user journey of an e-commerce customer’s returns journey.

Goal: Updating the layout and user journey of the e-commerce busineess' returns.

Involvement: When I joined these projects, the businesses had been clients for the company I was working for for some time.

  • UI design in Figma
  • Minimal changes to their returns user journeys

University Application Help

Website providing UK University Application support for highschool students.

Goal: To build a website for the application support service and design any assets.

Involvement: This was a project I worked on for an acquaintance’s service from scratch.

  • Designing the website and UX
  • Building the website in Wordpress
  • Defining the process of the service
  • Graphic design of additional materials such as the starter handout

About me

I am Product Manager with the belief that in order to create great products you must have UX in a product team.

I have a passion for UX, have taken various courses in UX design and I have the desire to build awesome digital products that also consider the environment at the same time.

I am skilled in Product Management and UX design and have the ability to deliver UI designs. I have Bacherlors degree in Art & Design and have been using different designs tools since 2012 such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign and have also used products like Sketch and Figma as they have appeared on the market. I am a strong communicator and have spent many projects consulting clients on digital solutions.

I additionally hold a double Master's Degree focused in International Management from University of Sydney and CEMS, therefore, understand the business landscape.

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After videos, images are the heaviest items on websites in terms of data, therefore, I have tried to keep the number of images to a minimum, as well as, reduced their size and quality. I believe the images available portrays a good enough and basic view of what I have worked on.

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